got spirits?

Walt Laskowski


I have always been surrounded by the paranormal. Some good, some not so good. I realized that I was not alone. I wanted to learn more so I joined a local paranormal group. A couple of years later after an investigation I had brought home a few unwanted guests. I did not know that, that would change my life forever. I took time off from the group to focus on getting rid of the activity in my own house. Through trial and error I succeeded. I now help others deal with , understand and help eliminate the activity they have. Over the last 2 years I have networked with others in the paranormal community for consulting and networking. There is help!


Empathically I have the ability to feel spirits. I can sense where they are and feel their energy around me. I also have the ability to help remotely cleanse your house or business of spirits.


Studied Reiki and currently studying Para-Psychology and Metaphysical Sciences at a school in New Jersey.

Spirtual Coach mostly helping those that are intuitive or have some psychic abilities.

Cohost ,Programming Director,BusinessDevelopment for "TheDr.Kim Show":  Wednesday Nights 7 to 9pm with Dr. Kimberly Mc George. Guests include experts from the paranormal community, Healers, Psychics, Astrologers and other leaders in metaphysical sciences.

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